Intuitives, Psychics, and Mediums – Oh My! Which is which, and does that make them a witch?

Ever since I was little, I’ve been fascinated with psychic abilities. I remember checking out books about psychic development from the public library in hopes of uncovering my own gifts. With the ever growing popularity of intuition development and people feeling more comfortable going public with their gifts, it is easy to get confused about the difference was between an Intuitive, a Psychic, and a Medium.

I invited Intuitive Jessica Bubbico (, an Intuitive Medium & Intuition Educator, to help clarify for us. Jess is dedicated to teaching intuitive cultivation for personal empowerment and global contribution for the highest good. Not only have I had the pleasure of having a reading by Jess, but I’ve had the honor of taking one of Jess’s intuition development classes.

So let’s find out what the difference between these widely used terms.

What is an Intuitive?

An Intuitive is a highly sensitive person that can sense subtle energies such as how someone is feeling or that they are going through a hard time. Intuitives sense information in the moment. For example, they could meet up with a friend for coffee and they “feel” that their friend’s heart is hurting and that there is an issue with their partner. They can pick up on the heaviness or the lightness of someone’s energy – without knowing a thing about the person.

What about Psychics?

Psychics can pick up on the information in more detail and can sometimes even make predictions (but not always). Psychic information is floating around all the time, and Psychics can tune into that information. They can feel the friend’s hurting heart and know that their friend’s partner is going to call things off in two weeks. They may also see that person moving to another city after the breakup. But free will still exists, so the prediction may or may not come true if the person takes some action with this information. 

And a Medium?

A Medium is someone that can raise their frequency through meditation or the like to connect with spirit (loved ones on the other side) and be the messenger between you and spirit.   Some say that everyone is psychic but not everyone is a Medium. But Jess feels that we all have the capability to connect with spirit. Jess shared, “If I can do it, anyone can do it. Just like anyone can pick up a basketball, practice and be good at basketball. But not everyone is Michael Jordan. Spirit is in a really high vibration, so you need to be able to feel and shift your energy to reach spirit while they lower theirs to reach you. We can learn how to access that energy if we want to. Not everyone does. Nor does every Medium become Theresa Caputo.”

Curious about the different reading types?

There is a lot of stigma about Intuitives, Psychics, and Mediums. It isn’t like the movies. Patrick Swayze isn’t jumping into and taking control of the Medium to bring you messages, nor does it open up a portal to hell when you have a reading. Jess, who is a master degree holding former Speech Language Pathologist, encourages us to be open and give ourselves permission to explore despite our current beliefs or fears around these abilities. Readings can give you guidance, clarity, deeper connection with yourself or spirit, can bring deep healing and help you better understand your purpose.

Readings rarely give you a “yes” or “no”, “right” or “wrong” answer. They give guidance. So keep an open mind. The information provided is also coming from the readers lens, so it is important that your interpret it for yourself. Often things that don’t make sense now will make sense later.  It’s helpful to write it down or record it so you can go back to it later. And remember, all readings are provided from a place of love and sacredness.

Intuitive Readings:

Intuitives are reading your energy and are often also energy healers (such as Reiki, Shamans, Life Coaches, etc.). They may or may not use Oracle cards or other divination tools, but all will pick up on the subtle energies around you and share with you what they are seeing, feeling and experiencing. These readings can be emotional, enlightening and healing because you may feel like you are truly being seen for the first time or you may realize you’ve been holding onto an old hurt or trauma that you thought you let go of long ago.  These readings can be clarifying and can provide empowering messages from your higher self. I’ve received and given many Intuitive readings over the years, and they are a wonderful tool to deepen our connection with ourselves.

Psychic Readings:

In my experience, psychic readings are often given with the use of divination tools such as Tarot cards, Runes, palm reading, crystal balls (yes, it is a real thing) and the like. I’ve had the pleasure of having my tarot cards and palm read by the High Priestess Witch in Salem when I was 15. She gave me all sorts of predictive information. Some of it came true and some did not. Most recently, I had a reading from a talented psychic in Kent, WA. She used tarot cards, read my palm and peered in her crystal ball. She accurately predicted big changes after my birthday, my move, and how there may be a lot of turmoil, but it will all work out. It is important to remember that we have free will and we can change thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors as new information and experiences come to us. So the predictions are based on how things are in the moment and are not set in stone.

Medium Readings:

Only recently have I dabbled in Medium readings, though I’ve been fascinated by mediumship and spirits my entire life. I’ve had many curious experiences with them. A Medium often starts their reading with a short meditation to connect with Spirit. Then they may share images, feelings, and sounds that they are getting from spirit. It may include names, ages, cause of death and messages from the other side. Medium readings can be incredibly healing and comforting to know your loved ones are still around, rooting for you and watching over you. It can also bring closure for things left unsaid.

What about Witches?

Witches are a big topic. Some witches are Intuitives, Psychics and/or Mediums, but not all. We’ll get curious about witches in another post.  

Connecting with Jess

Thank you to Jess for taking the time to share her wisdom with us. Jess was actually answering my questions before I asked them. Coincidence? Or demonstration of her skills? I’ll let you be the judge.

If you are Interested in working with Jess, you can book a reading, sign up for a class to develop your own intuitive skills or check out her podcast by visiting or connect with her on Facebook (

Stay curious, friends!

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