Says She Talks to Animals, Says They All Know Her by Her Name

Have you ever wondered what your fur baby is thinking or why the sweet fluff bucket is behaving in a less than angelic way?

Wish you could hear from a beloved pet that has crossed the rainbow bridge?

Then let me introduce you to Emma Jensen – animal communicator, healer, Human Design reader, all around delightful human (if I say so myself), and formerly employed by the secret service. Not even kidding.

I first met Emma in a Chakra based business coaching program. We instantly jived. But I was even more excited when I found out Emma was an animal communicator. It was divine intervention given the challenges I was having with my little girl.

Tallulah, my 3-year-old Great Pyrenees mix started using the new basement as her personal bathroom and would go into crazy barking fits when I would work in my home office shortly after we’d moved. IN addition to the move, we lost both of her brothers to cancer in the past two years. I assumed she was dealing with the change and grief, but I wanted to know for sure. I booked a reading with Emma at

What is Animal Communication?

Animal communication is the ability to have an intuitive or psychic conversation with your pet or animal so you can understand the thoughts, behaviors, and your pet’s purpose in this life.

Emma believes we can all communicate with our animals, and in fact has heard from many pets, “They can hear me. They just need to listen.” Including my girl, Tallulah. But Emma shared that most people don’t trust the messages that they are getting from their fur babies, assuming it is “just” their imagination.

“Our animals are here for a bigger purpose than we think. Give them the gift of listening to the teaching they have for each person in your household.”  

“We get the animals we need, not the animals we want. Ha, ha!” She says as she notices her cat taunting the dogs passing by. “Dogs have very different messages from cats.”

But…how does it work?

Like all intuitive or psychic work, it happens differently for everyone.

When Emma connects in with your beloved pet, she sees in her mind’s eye, like the imagination, different images. A scene, a part of the body, the environment that they are in. She can hear what they are saying or hears words or phrases in her mind’s ear and gets empathetic feelings like abandonment after hearing, “I don’t like it when they leave the house.” Or she may be brought back to when the animal was a baby and they didn’t have a mom, or they were always chained up, or were left, and she feels what the animal was feeling in the body. The anxiety, pain in the body part, or the fear. It shows up different ways and then she has to piece it all together to understand the whole picture.  

The mind’s eye or ear is like when you close your eyes and imagine something. For example, close your eyes and imagine a waterfall. Try to see it. What does it look like? What does it sound like? Does it have a smell? Are you close enough to feel the spray as the water crashes to the ground? This is like how information is intuitively shared between Emma and the animals with whom she communicates.

Misconceptions about Animals and Animal Communication

  1. Pets don’t need energy healing: False. Our animals take on our energy in addition to theirs. They are empathic. So, if you are feeling stressed, so is your pet. Just like humans, animals need energetic healing to deal with the compounding stress and anxiety of life.
  2. Animal communication will instantly fix my pet: False. Animal communication will not instantly fix the issue. Just like with humans, you need to understand the message and take action to help the behavior. It isn’t just about listening to their message and all the problems go away. You can’t expect their behavior to change if you haven’t done your work.  
  3. We need to really understand our rescues past to help them: False. Rescue animals DO NOT want to be pitied. Their past is their past, and they are focused on being in the here and now with you. They want structure and to know they are protected. A lot of their behavioral issues are because they don’t energetically feel energetically feel like you will protect them. They want to feel your loving, Alpha energy. If our self-worth is low, your pet will feel like they need to be the Alpha for you.
  4. My pet knows that I’ll be home at 5PM: False. Animals don’t understand linear time. It is helpful to communicate with your pet in terms of sun and moon cycles when you are leaving and when you will be back. Especially for those with separation anxiety. Heading out for a couple hours? Let your pet know you’ll be home before the sun goes down.  

Tallulah’s Reading

I had emailed Emma a couple pictures of Tallulah (aka “T”) with my list of questions. A few days later, Bob and I huddled around the computer to watch the video from Emma, with support from her boy Ranger. Emma starts by explaining her process and then goes into images, feelings, and messages she received throughout the healing and reading.

The connection with T gave Emma the image of the backyard of our new house. A winter wonderland surrounded by trees and not many houses. Emma hadn’t seen our new place, nor had I told her anything about it. She connected with T’s manic and anxious energy, and helped to bring ease, flow, and control to help her. Again, I hadn’t explained anything about T’s personality. But Emma was spot on.

Throughout the video, Bob and I laughed, had “aha” moments, I cried, and Bob felt like T tossed him under the bus to Emma. I’ll spare you all the details, but here are the highlights:

What is your purpose?

“To bring joy and love to those around me.” She said she is in her head about the whole thing that is preventing her from being able to do what she is here to do.

What are you hear to teach your mom?

“To be wide open and free. To be the truest version of herself and find her voice.”

What are you hear to teach your dad?

“To lighten up. To have more fun. To live more free, fun and with laughter.”

Why did you start going potty in the basement?

“Because they aren’t listening to me. It isn’t random. They need to think about what self-destructive behavior, thought, action or words are they thinking before it happens.”

Why do you bark a lot when your mom is working?

“I have a lot of messages for her. She can communicate with me. She just doesn’t think she can.”

How can they make your life more comfortable?

“More blankets. More walks, play, and brain games and puzzles. Less cardboard.”

She is clearly sick of moving.

Anything else you want mom to know?

“To be free. Be love. Remember to have fun. To celebrate the small things. I love you so much and so thankful for you.”

Anything else you want your dad to know?

“To be nicer and kinder because people are going through a lot.”

Cue bus.

T hasn’t had an accident in the house since this reading. But I’m doing my work based on what she is here to teach me. Her barking has cut down while I work unless I’m not listening to what she is trying to tell me.

What I learned from this experience is that the relationship between animal and human is much deeper and more profound than most people realize. Than I even realized. It deepened my belief that we are all connected and that we made soul agreements with the people (and animals) in our lives before we got her to teach and learn from one another.

Not only did Emma give us messages that we needed to hear for our relationships with each other and ourselves, hearing her story gave me messages I needed to hear as I transitioned from the corporate world into leadership coaching and then pivoting into spiritual coaching and healing and embracing my own intuitive gifts.

Emma’s Story – from Secret Service to Animal Communicator

Emma grew up in a catholic family in Portland, Oregon, with a cop dad and a trauma nurse mom who taught her that you commit to a job for life. She majored in business but wanted to follow in her dad’s law enforcement footsteps. She moved to DC after college to get a job in federal law. Finally landing a gig with the secret service after trying for two years to get any federal job. After a while, she felt home calling, and moved back west for a product security job at Nike.  

Emma learned that the corporate world of Nike wasn’t a good environment for her, and she wanted to leave. She knew she has a bigger purpose, and loved animals, but didn’t know where to go from there. The Universe was working for her. She was asked to leave Nike, only to be recruited by Apple a week later.

The environment at Apple was much better for Emma, and it enabled her to invest in herself and explore the things that were nourishing to her soul. Emma was surrounded at work by people that helped her grow and embraced her for her true self. But growing up Catholic made her hesitant to share the “woo woo” stuff she was learning and becoming passionate about.

At first, she would pick and choose what “woo woo” stuff and which gifts

to share. Apple is a very technical, left-brain company. She was afraid of how people would react to her. But as she continued to test the waters, she was amazed by the love and support she received. Eventually, she began to share it all. From there, the universe gave her a million signs that she admittedly missed.  

“My spirit team must get so frustrated with me because I don’t listen.”

She signed up for an intuitive development masterclass that was being led by a K9 intuitive. She didn’t really know what it was about, but she gave herself permission to take the class. Working with that teacher gave her the stamp of approval to hone and develop her animal communication gifts. Then came the journey of embracing her gifts and walking away from the life she thought she was supposed to live.

“As a people pleaser, I didn’t want to tell people because they might reject me.”

But her coach pushed her to keep pressing forward with her gifts. To put it out to the world, to practice, and to see if maybe this was the path she wanted to pursue. Once Emma realized she did, she worked with her coach to put a plan together to leave the corporate job.

And she finally did.

Putting in her tear-filled notice was so hard give. She was met with love, support, and awe for her courage to go after her passions. Emma, with the help of Human Design, was able to embrace her new path. One that felt truer and more authentic to who she really is.

She said “You know you are aligned with your true self when you are willing leave a well-paying job with amazing people to go after your dreams. If this fails, I learn. No regrets.”

Emma’s Most Surprising Message

Emma’s dog Ranger gave her the most surprising message of all. Ranger had been anxious and nervous to the outside world. She assumed it was something to do with his past. But his message had nothing to do with himself.

She asked what he was most nervous about so they could tackle it together.

“He said he was the most scared that I wasn’t going to learn what he is here to teach me. So, I asked.”

“To trust yourself and love yourself first.”

“But I love you so much.”

“That’s the problem. You love me more than yourself.”

Emma said that she didn’t fully understand self-love back then. But as she continues her journey and embraces his teaching, he becomes less anxious and she becomes closer to her true self.

You know you want to work with Emma!

Emma is incredibly talented and an inspirational human.

Book a reading with Emma by going to her website, follow her and her teachings about animal communication and human design by following her on social.

Emma is always evolving her offerings and packages, so check out her site for the latest options.




Stay curious, my friends!

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