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Curious about all things spiritual and metaphysical? Me too. As a life-long student of spirituality and all things magickal, this blog is dedicated to education and information for the spiritually curious and those navigating their spiritual growth.

I’ll cover topics like psychic abilities, energy healing, Shamanism, Witches, Elementals, Oracle cards, Mediumship, energy vortexes, spiritual travel, tips for spiritual growth and more. You’ll notice comments aren’t allowed. That’s because I’m creating a safe space for people to explore their spiritual curiosities. The only trolls you’ll find here are the metaphysical kind.

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My old friend, Resistance

Why is it that when we are making progress towards our dreams and goals that we come face to face with resistance?

Read more to find out why and how you can move through it with more ease, grace, and compassion.

Soul Contracts – You signed up for this?

What would you say if I told you that the trials and tribulations, the toxic relationships, and the other “bad” things that happened to you in your life happened and will happen because you signed up for it?
I’m betting some of you will be very triggered by this concept.

Tis the Season for Receiving – Part 2

The amount of love and acceptance you can receive from others is proportionate to the amount you love and accept yourself. If you aren’t feeling it from the outside world, look at your inside world first. – Lyndsay K. R. Toensing


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