Balancing Your Dual Energies – Stop just Surviving the Day

An imbalance in your energies can lead to burn out, frustration, anxiety, and an inability to handle failure/loss or process negative emotions. ⁠Right, wrong, or indifferent, our society encourages and promotes an imbalance in these energies unknowingly.

Are you out of balance?

Losing the Strength to be Strong

Being the strong one, the one that everyone leans on and depends on, takes its toll. Read more about my journey and what I learned from losing the strength to be strong.

Emotions – Whose responsibility is it anyway?

I saw this article posted on LinkedIn today asking the question, “Should Emotions be taught in school?” While it’s from 2017, it is still a good conversation starter about how we feel, process, and express emotions in a healthy and productive way – or not.