Work With Me

Let’s take a journey back to yourself and create the life you were always meant to live

My Approach

My holistic approach combines transformational coaching, strategy, energy healing, and aligned action to help high-achieving professionals create their authentic, inspired lives.


I once heard that if you want to create anything exciting, you have to be excited. So simple, yet so profound! Yet so many people are just trying to get through the day, finding ways to escape reality or numb their feelings. People who have achieved “success” on paper, but are still feeling unhappy, unfulfilled, and lost.


I know because I lived it. As a high-achieving professional who was living “the dream”, I was burned out, stressed out, anxious, and unfulfilled. I knew I was meant to serve in a much bigger way. To top it off, I felt guilty for feeling that way. So, I numbed myself with food, wine, and more work.


After a 2-year transformative journey on my own, I found my purpose and now help others like me to create their version of an authentic, inspired life.


I offer a variety of services to empower you on your journey.

Lyndsay’s work has reached over, 20,0000 lives and counting Transformational coaching, energy healing, books, articles, meditations, classes, and workshops.

Private Coaching

With each private coaching container customized for each individual, I create a space for healing and transformation to help you create your version of an inspired, authentic life. Together, we will develop a program that includes transformational coaching, strategy, energy healing, intuition, and aligned action.


This seven-week private online intuitive development class will help you discover your intuitive gifts and learn how to use them in your everyday life. Regardless of whether you have been interested in exploring this side of yourself for personal or professional reasons, you’re in for a treat.


Energy Healing

I combine Reiki, sound healing, shamanic practices, and crystals in my ninety-minute in-person energy sessions. Each healing session is tailored to the individual and the situation. Spaces are limited. Email me if you are in the Seattle-Tacoma area for more information

Need Clarity?

Not sure what you need? Let’s jump on a clarity call to explore what you want, what challenges you are facing, and to support you in moving forward.